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Select the option, thanks to which you will increase your advertisements views.

Options Prestigious distinction Distinction Standard ad
finger Position on the list of advertisements before the distinguished ads. check x x
finger Position on the list of advertisements before the standard ads. check check x
finger No additional ads in your advertisement. check x x
finger The distinction of your Ad on the home page by the use of a thicker font. check x x
finger 30 day period of the promotion check check check
finger Payments 39,36 PLN gross 9,84 PLN gross free
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Place on the TOP 5 list

Put your ad on the list of TOP 5 advertisements. It will increase the advertisements views. Your ad will be displayed on every subpage of the website. What matters is the priority of the applications for promotion.

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Promote your company

Promote your company by putting it into the business directory from the metal industry. This is a good way of advertising your business. Logo of your company will be shown on every subpage of the website, which will increase its visibility.

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TOP 5 advertisements

STEEL PIPES square section

STEEL PIPES square section

Buy steel pipes of square section. The parameters of the pipe:
The wall thickness (mm) 1.5

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