4 steps to getting customers

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    Before you place an advertisement, please familiarize yourself with Terms and Conditions. You will learn about the regulations of functioning of the advertising website from metal industry – metal4market.eu.

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    We enable you quick and efficient way to fill in the registration form. You enter only the necessary data.

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    Adding an advertisement

    You can easily post an advertisement by filling in the application form. To meet the expectations, not only can you add a price declared (buy now) but also the initial price as a prelude to the auction. You can also include the photo of the product in your ad.

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    Get a customer!

    With us you can get new customers in a way that does not require spending an inordinate amount of time and resources. You finalize orders by contacting your client via phone or email.

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    Promote your ads

    You can also distinguish your ad, which puts it in the first place on the list of advertisements (home page) and, at the same time, increases your advertisement views.
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TOP 5 advertisements

STEEL PIPES square section

STEEL PIPES square section

Buy steel pipes of square section. The parameters of the pipe:
The wall thickness (mm) 1.5

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